Nye was a mobile app entrepreneur and was first introduced to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2013 when his friend told him to make an app about Bitcoin. He immediately saw that this technology had potential and began to research more about it.

Nye is a content creator and digital marketing specialist in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Throughout his social channels, Nye shares his perspective on the future of this emerging industry. He does this through all different types of mediums including written content, audio, and video.

After taking time to focus on other entrepreneurial ventures, Nye went full time in the crypto world in 2017. Since then, Nye has been sharing his opinions online, and building his company Elevated District, and launching the Evolvement Podcast


Nye is an avid speaker who travels the world to share the importance of transparency in the blockchain space with his audience.

Nye believes that changing the company culture will also revolutionize the entire blockchain industry. The community is the most important factor in this industry and being upfront about where you are investing your money, how far developed is your technology, and more can really help companies create an authentic connection with their audience.

Nye spoken in several countries including Bali, Thailand, China, Dubai, Amsterdam, and many more.


Elevated District

Elevated District brings social media and community solutions to your blockchain startup.

Evolvement: The Financial Podcast

Evolvement is a podcast that revolves around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and how these play a role in the current financial models and economic systems of the world.


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